Sergeant at Arms

Before the meeting

Arrive about 15 minutes early

At the meeting

  • Arrange the room at least ten minutes before the meeting begins
  • Ensure there is water jugs and glasses available on the tables
  • Make sure the lectern is in place, the lights are set up, the banner is displayed, seats are arranged properly with comments slips and any voting slips on them
  • Make sure name badges are available
  • Greet members and guests and arrange for guests to sit with members
  • Ensure the meeting starts on time.
    • Bang the gavel and give a 1 minute warning for everyone take their seats.
    • On time, bang the gavel, welcome everyone to the meeting “Welcome members and guests to meeting number __ of Waitara Windbags Toastmasters Club. I hope you enjoy your time here tonight. I now hand the meeting over to the Toastmaster, ____”
  • Collect voting slips and count votes (if voting applies in your Club)

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