The joke should last about 1-2 minutes. If possible, try to tailor your toast or joke towards the theme of the meeting.

The Joke sets a fun tone for the meeting.

Prior to the meeting:

  • Prepare a joke to deliver when you are called on during the meeting.
  • Time yourself to make sure it is 1-2 minutes or less.
  • Avoid the same controversial topic areas that you would avoid for a speech.
  • Since it is only 1-2 minutes, this is a good opportunity to memorise the joke, so you can concentrate on delivery and timing, critical components to maximise the effect of your humour. Remember to use pauses and pacing effectively.
  • Test your joke out on a friend or family member before doing it in the meeting.

During the meeting:

  • When called upon by the Chairman, deliver your joke.
  • Pause after the punchline to support, enhance, and receive any laughter the joke may have generated before sitting down.

If you are having trouble finding some jokes to tell at the meeting, you can find some jokes you can use on the Jokes Galore! page.