Guest Welcome

The Guest Welcomer’s role is to welcome everyone to the club meeting, particularly visiting dignitaries and people who are new to Toastmasters. Making everyone feels welcome at our club is important, as this may be the start of their Toastmasters journey.

How to prepare:

Download and print a copy of the Club Sign-in Sheet to use on the night, should the Club Sign-in Book not be available on the night.

Before the meeting begins:

Arrive in plenty of time before the meeting, preferably around 6.45pm.  As guests arrive:

  • Introduce yourself to each visitor and find out  their names and background.
  • Give them a Guest’s name badge
  • Ask them to sign the Club Sign-in Book, explaining that we will add their email address to our guest list so that they can receive notices of future meetings.
    • Do not be afraid to check the correct spelling and pronunciation of people’s names. They will appreciate the care you take.
  • Explain what is going to happen during the meeting and ensure that they have an agenda.  In particular, mention:
    • No one has to speak if they do not want to, but at the beginning of the meeting everyone will be invited to stand up and introduce themselves
    • At the end of the meeting they will have the opportunity they will be asked to stand up and say what they thought of the meeting. If they do not want to do this, notify the Table Topics Master.
  • Show them to a seat
  • Ask another member to sit beside them so that they can explain what is happening as the meeting progresses.
  • Ensure they have:
    • a pen and paper

During the meeting:

  • Observe protocol by introducing special guests first, then general visitors.
  • If there are visiting Toastmasters, mention their club, level and office (CC, ACB, President etc).
  • As you introduce each guest, ask the person to stand and then lead the applause.
  • If you make reference to a person’s occupation, be certain you have the correct title of his status, position, etc.
  • Sit near the door and be prepared to welcome and introduce latecomers at any stage.
  • After the introductions, conclude with a short but enthusiastic welcome, then hand back to  the Chairman
  • At the break, hand your Club Sign-in Sheet to the Chairman, who will call on the visitors at the end of the meeting to offer comments

At the end of the meeting:

  • Check in with the guest and ask if they need anything or need additional information. Direct them to other members if they ask a question to which you do not have the answer.
  • Ask them if they would like a membership form, if appropriate

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