How to Join Waitara Windbags

You Are Welcome to Visit – No Initial Cost

Visitors are welcome to attend Waitara Windbags’ meetings at any time. Attending a meeting is the best way of seeing Toastmasters ‘in action’. As a guest, you will be invited to participate in some activities such as Table Topics and you can provide us with your feedback at the end of the meeting.

The meeting you visit might be different from our regular agenda because we, occasionally, have a contest, a speech-fest, an educational session, a Christmas party, and so on. If you prefer to inform us of your visit and to know the agenda beforehand, please use the Contact Us form.

We would expect you to arrive 5 or 10 minutes before the meeting. This is so that we can assign a buddy for you, so that you can ask any questions about our club and Toastmasters. We are probably setting up the meeting room when you arrive, but please do not hesitate to take your step into the venue and call out to us.

For our meeting times and location, please refer to the Directions page.

To take full advantage of the benefits offered by Toastmasters, you will need to become a member.

Membership Fees

All you need to pay is :

  • $40 one-off joining fee &
  • $90 membership Semi-annual fee due in September and March. This works out to be $15 per month.

Joining Toastmasters is easy. A $40 joining fee entitles new members to become part of the Toastmasters network. It also covers the cost of the first education path of Pathways program, an online copy of The Navigator and processing.

Semi-Annual Membership Fee

To continue membership to Waitara Windbags Toastmasters, all members are required to pay a semi-annual fee of $90 . The amount includes a sum payable to Toastmasters International and to the club for expenses.

It is paid semi-annually by all members. Membership dues are prorated for new members when they first join the club.

Pro-rata Membership Fees

Joining Date Fee
October / April $90.00
November / May $75.00
December / June $60.00
January / July $45.00
February / August $30.00
March / September $15.00

Membership Fees Are Tax-deductible

Toastmasters membership fees are generally tax-deductible if your participation in Toastmasters is intended to further your professional career.

Membership Form

If you’re ready to join, you can download our download a copy from here. Membership forms can be filled out and emailed back to us or alternatively printed out and brought along to our next meeting.

Benefits of Toastmasters Membership

Anyone aged 18 to 100 can become a member! Your toastmasters membership provides the following benefits:

  • becoming a more effective communicator
  • improving my grammar and vocabulary
  • exercising time management skills
  • being a great listener
  • learning to give specific, positive, and helpful feedback
  • speaking to inspire
  • speaking to entertain
  • speaking to inform (without boring!)
  • give presentations that don’t suck!
  • responding intelligently to impromptu questions
  • leading meetings with authority and assurance
  • being heard and understood when I speak
  • leading by example