How to Join Waitara Windbags

Step 1: Visit our meeting

You are welcome to visit any of our meetings as many times as you like. The meeting you visit might be different from our regular agenda because we occasionally have a contest, a speech- fest, an educational session, a Christmas party, and so on. If you prefer to inform us of your visit and to know the agenda beforehand, please use the Contact Us form.

We would expect you to arrive 5 or 10 minutes before the meeting. This is so that we can assign a buddy for you, so that you can ask any questions about our club and Toastmasters. We are probably setting up the meeting room when you arrive, but please do not hesitate to take your step into the venue and call out to us.

For our meeting times and location, please refer to the Directions page.

Step 2: Fill out a membership application form

The membership application should be available at the meeting from the Vice President Membership (VPM) officer or you can download a copy from here and bring it with you to our next meeting. If you were not sure who to speak to, please ask your buddy or any member.

Step 3: Give your application and dues to the Vice President Membership

Once you complete a formal process, the vice president membership (VPM) will send your application and fees to the Toastmasters’ World Headquarters. The membership fee could be changed due to the currency rate and the decision of Toastmasters International.

Your New Member Kit should arrive sooner. In case you plan your first speech before receiving it, please make sure you have a print of the first project THE ICE BREAKER.


Membership in Toastmasters is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. Once you join a club, you will become a member of Toastmaster International, allowing you to transfer your membership across the clubs in the world. Each group has a different personality, so you may wish to visit more than one. Your visit is free, and some clubs may allow you to return as often as you like, such as us. You can find clubs near you by using the Find a Club tool.

Your cost to join is usually affordable but may vary depending on clubs. For example, the fee for our club as of June 2017 is;

  • New member one-time fee: AU$40.00
  • A pro-rata fee payable for six months: AU$90.00 (payable 1 April and 1 October each year)